“The race for a more efficient energy source is on, and by joining in and going green, we can all envision a cleaner, brighter, and faster future.” – Adam Eyal

This is a new community.

Close your eyes and imagine a point in the not too distant future. The smog and pollution which hang in the air around Los Angeles and Beijing have cleared completely, the air crisp and clean. Cities around the world with enough clean, renewable energy for millions of years. This is the future of a global electric power grid.

This future is recognizable and not far off, with advances in electric motors and solar energy exploding at rates un-describable. Not only will the way we power our cities change, but the very essence of how we move about and navigate our beautiful planet will advance so drastically, wheels may become obsolete…

But! It’s 2017 and our current technology already allows for some amazing innovations in transportation; electric cars, drones, motorcycles, planes, and last but not least, scooters.

You and I are going on a long and magical journey through the electric scooter world, taking in the sights of all the amazing and affordable electric scooters, hoverboards, bikes and everything else engineering has to offer.

Finding a great model with a price tag may sound like a lot of work, but Wheels With Watts is here with the community that will guide and equip your mental toolbox with everything necessary for making that big decision.

We hope the distilled facts will lead you to choose the best wheels with watts for your money. Choose green transportation and reduce your dependence on expensive gas guzzlers.

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